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Stellar Staging Group

Homeowners tend to think that their personal collectibles, whether it is family photos or tea sets or sports memorabilia, and the like will be attractive to the potential home buyers. This is not the case. The more we can de-clutter and remove items which tie the home to the current homeowners the better. The goal is to de-personalize the property and make it attractive to the target market, so the potential owner can see themselves in the home.

Another thing which is a killer as far as the showing of the home is unorganized cabinets, pantries, closets, garages, etc. Not keeping the home tidy and clean is also a killer! (Windows, toilets, flooring, air filters, sinks, etc.) Taking the time to organize these and to have a spotless home, gives a potential buyer the feeling that the existing homeowner really cares about the home. It also gives the potential buyer the feeling that the home has been well cared for. No one wants to buy a home where the place is filthy, the cabinets and closets are crammed to the hilt and they can’t even determine how much space there is because it is so packed. That actually gives the potential buyer the feeling that the home is cramped. You want to give the feeling of space. Plenty of walk through space in all rooms is important.

Repair or replace anything which is broken or doesn’t work properly. Have working bulbs in all light fixtures and lamps.