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Staging the Nest

The biggest mistake that homeowners can make when preparing to sell their home is to not properly disconnect emotionally from and assess their own home for buyers. Every single homeowner has an emotional connection to their home, whether that be from the hard work and effort they put into the updating it, the amount of time they have lived in the home and the memories they have created there, or the individual furnishings and decor in their home. Each of these can present their own challenges when putting the home on the market. When we consult with homeowners prior to selling, we always walk them through these steps.

We explain the process, the whys and the how’s in order to meet their goal – get their home sold! Once this initial part is accomplished, the next most important thing to do is to have an action step plan on how to create visual appeal for home buyers. This includes decluttering, depersonalizing, opening up spaces, making the home light and bright, adding in the right appealing personality to each room, and making some updates to the home as needed. During a home staging consultation, we address each and every one of these topics to help our clients achieve the best results!