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By far the most common issue we see in occupied homes is “too much stuff”. When preparing a home for market it’s important for Sellers to vigorously de-personalize the home so prospective buyers can envision themselves living there, and not as a guest in your home. If there are a lot of knick-knacks, décor items and art to look at, the buyer’s attention is distracted from the features and selling points of the home. We recommend packing away any family photos and any art or décor that makes a specific religious, cultural or political statement which might alienate some buyers. This also includes furnishings… that extra recliner crammed into the TV room or that extra hutch in the hallway can make the space feel cramped. Our general rule is: “If the piece doesn’t clearly ADD to the appeal of the home, move it out.” Finally, make sure closets and cupboards are neatly arranged and have roughly 1/3 of the space still vacant.