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Room Redezign

The biggest mistake I see homeowners make when preparing their home for sale is stale and outdated design. When my clients are planning to move, the last thing they are thinking about is buying new furniture and accessories for their home. I understand their dilemma. That’s why it’s important for my clients to show me everything they have to work with. They may have decorative pieces that are hidden away in cabinets or a colorful throw blanket that could add a pop of color on a worn-out sofa. Maybe they have a piece of artwork they never got around to hanging. We can work with that. The decluttering process helps my clients see what all they have, and they can start getting rid of those things that they don’t want to take into their new home. As a rule of thumb, anything smaller than a baseball can be packed away. The exception might be a mirrored or glass piece that reflects light and could be used in a grouping of three. Otherwise, let’s declutter and redesign.