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The #1 mistake the homeowners make is not dressing up their home for sale. Staging the home is vital. Homeowners should hire a professional stager as studies show staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged. Selling an empty house makes buyers feel the same way: empty, cold and uninviting.

Listing price is also plays an important factor. The agent does a comparative market analysis. The homeowner needs to use that price and not add negotiating room. Overpricing your home is the worst thing you could do.

Never skimp on photos. 90% of all buyers start their home search online. Hire professionals who specialize in photographing homes.

Also get an appraisal and inspection done, which can be a great marketing tool.

Do not neglect necessary repairs prior to sale. It’s always going to cost you less to fix things ahead, rather than buyers see your house in disrepair.