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Sadly, there are a lot, but there are some biggies. Choosing the wrong color when you are prepping your home for sale can be very costly, in terms of money and in losing the chance to make a great impression on buyers. For instance, the warm beige that was popular ten years ago would be a mistake. These days people are looking for cleaner, calmer colors like a grey beige, neutral colors that won’t go out of style.

Allowing themselves to become overwhelmed trying to stage their home themselves is another big mistake people make. They try to focus on everything, don’t really know where to start and then become so frustrated they give up. That’s just one of the reasons that hiring a home stager to do the work is so important.

People often think they don’t need a stager. Their home is clean, their family and friends like their decor and so they assume that their home will appeal to buyers as is. However, that is rarely the case.

Buyers aren’t looking for nice personalized decor, they are looking for a home that they could see themselves living in, and increasingly that means like the ones they see on HGTV or Instagram. And, without professional help, very few people actually live in ‘Instagram ready’ rooms on a daily basis. As stagers, we can create that illusion and that is what allows the home to appeal to as many people as possible.