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Home Staging for Houston

Hand’s down the biggest mistakes we see homeowners make when preparing their home for the market is:

  • Lighten and Brighten. Dim, dated, and the old school fluorescent recess lights that take 10 mins to warm up need to be changed out. It’s a small expense and an easy fix that will make a huge impact on the overall ambiance of the home when you first enter. A trustworthy update for recess bulbs are the BR40 3000K LED bulbs. Regular light bulbs should also change to LED Daylight bulbs. This is the true meaning of lighten and brighten.
  • Neutralize the walls. The old saying, “neutral paint will take you to the bank” is so true. No one wants your rainbow and when potential buyers see a color they are not connecting to, the first thought they have is “I will have to spend money to fix that”. A negative thought. This will either turn them away, motivate them put in an offer on the next house that doesn’t need updates, or cut in to your asking price. Buyers want a blank color palette! They want to create their own space and for this reason we always recommend updating with fresh neutral paint before listing.